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Aragostine Treat Box, Hazelnut Chocolate - 8 PiecesAragostine Treat Box, Hazelnut Chocolate - 8 Pieces

Conetti Treat Box, Mix - 18 PiecesConetti Treat Box, Mix - 18 Pieces

Delizie Treat Box, Almond Pastry - 12 PiecesDelizie Treat Box, Almond Pastry - 12 Pieces

Cannoli Treat Box, Hazelnut Chocolate - 14 PiecesCannoli Treat Box, Hazelnut Chocolate - 14 Pieces

Bacio Di Dama Treat Box, Cocoa - 20 PiecesBacio Di Dama Treat Box, Cocoa - 20 Pieces

Cannoli Treat Box, Assortment - 14 PiecesCannoli Treat Box, Assortment - 14 Pieces

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Use our party bundle option to choose your own boxes and receive a discount for buying more. Ideal for small gatherings & occasions.

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You can now buy digital gift cards from Luccardo Italian Treats. So if you are looking for a gift and unsure what the recipient may like, why not treat them to a pre-paid gift card from you!

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We're excited to introduce Luccardo Italian Treats's customer rewards and loyalty program! Now you can earn rewards when you shop with us!

With Luccardo Italian Treats's loyalty and rewards program, you collect choc chips which you can trade in for some great savings and rewards! 

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Looking to add something new & delicious to your retail store or coffee shop? See our wide range of B2B retail trays which are a cost effective way of stocking our Italian treats.

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